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Why Choose Us?

While government subsidies pave the way for access to in home care and support services for most Australian’s, many find themselves in situations where the available subsidy does not cover the care they or their loved one need. There are many situations where you may need to engage privately funded services, or where it may be more beneficial for yourself or your loved one. 

In the aged care system, government subsidies are often means-tested, subjecting older Australian’s to a financial contribution or daily fee to their services. For some Australian’s this may mean that the out-of-pocket expenses outweigh the cost of engaging care on a fee for service basis. 

Sometimes, it just can’t wait, and you need services in place faster than the government can help. Rest easy, as we can generally have services in place for urgent situations in as little as 24 hours! 

  • Some situations where privately funded services may suit your needs best:

  • You need services now, and need to get them in place whilst you await NDIS or Homecare Package access or assessment 

  • You have just returned from hospital or a procedure, and need services temporarily, just to help get you back on your feet

  • Your package or government subsidy does not cover the amount of services you need, and you need a little extra

  • The financial contribution to your homecare package outweighs the cost of engaging services on a fee for service basis 

  • You are not an Australian citizen or eligible for government support


Our expert care coordinators have worked across a variety of roles and have a range of experience and knowledge in both the NDIS and Aged Care sectors. We are able to assist and guide you through the process, and are here to hold your hand each step of the way.

Services We Offer:


Personal Care and Assistance with Daily Living


Domestic Assistance and House Cleaning


Meal Preparation


Respite & Temporary Care


Laundry Service


Check-in Visits & Medication Prompts




Emergency and Crisis Care


Day Program


Community Access and Outings


Home and Garden Maintenance


Palliative Care

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Equine Assisted



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Community Nursing

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