Lynne's Story

Lynne grew up in England and migrated to Australia as a young girl with her sisters. She has always been close with her sisters, especially her sister Kerry. Lynne had 2 children and was living a nuclear life when she received a devastating diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS), a degenerative and debilitating neurological condition. 


Shortly after her family separated, Lynne moved in with her sister Kerry to ensure she was cared for, however, it wasn’t long before Lynne’s sister Kerry was also diagnosed with MS and unable to care for Lynne. Kerry engaged a large agency to provide services to Lynne and despite initial relief, was not happy. “The carers were lovely, but it was just so unorganised and there was no communication or care factor”, Kerry says. Lynne says “I love all my carers, but working with that organisation was always really difficult”.


After 14 years of trial and error, Lynne found her way to JJ Care, and says “I will never look back!”. Our care coordinators have built relationships with Lynne and Kerry, often popping past for a chat with Lynne’s favourite gluten-free cakes, and Lynne often joins us on our premises for our day and lifestyle programs. Through getting to know Lynne and Kerry and their lifestyle, we have been able to formulate a tailor-made care plan. We know exactly how Kerry likes her coffee, and that it’s silence at 7pm for Bondi Rescue. Our workers have mastered Lynne’s gluten-free diet and love cooking up some special new creations with her! Together, we have seen a massive improvement in Lynne’s happiness and overall wellbeing. 


“I love going shopping and going swimming on Monday’s with Shayne!” Lynne said. Kerry says “I feel so comfortable with the team looking after my sister in my home. It’s just like friends have come to visit. I love chatting and catching up with them”.


Our team visit Lynne every morning and every night to make sure she is doing well, prepare meals, help Lynne with her medication, help her to have a shower and empty her catheter bag. Three days a week, our Support Workers get out and about with Lynne, taking her to her appointments, swimming at the local pool, for a spot of shopping and a coffee, and even to the zoo and our equine assisted learning program. Lynne has not only benefited greatly, but really enjoyed her sessions with our Equine Assisted Learning Teachers, saying “Clementine always makes me feel accepted. I love her so much, I even give her a kiss”

We also have our fabulous team attend to Kerry and Lynne’s house cleaning and garden maintenance, to keep the house in tip top shape while they focus on their health. 


Best of all, Lynne’s services are completely funded by the NDIS, meaning she is not out of pocket for anything, and her services are helping her meet her goals! With the help of her new friends, the JJ Care Community Support Professionals, Lynne wakes up smiling each day, and after 14 years, has “found her family”.

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