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There's No Place Like Home

It's Easy to Stay There with JJ Care

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re always a phonecall away – no matter what time, 24/7, we offer specialist phone support from our clinicians or care coordinators.

  • Your care plan is truly tailored to your unique and individual needs and preferences 

  • Our care staff are highly trained in all aspects of care, to ensure the team you get to know will stay with you as your needs increase

  • We are a boutique provider – meaning you will get to know the whole management team, and build a relationship with them through your homecare journey 

  • We are supported by clinical experts in geriatric and aged care, so our care staff are experts at what they do 

  • We have multilingual staff available to communicate with you in your preferred language


If you’re like us, there’s no place like home. Your sanctuary – a place to unwind, be yourself and be comfortable, however that may look for you and your loved ones. 

The age-old approach to institutional and hospital-like residential aged care facilities is no longer the only option, and with the help of government-subsidised services, access to services to help you stay at home is easy. 

                                “I get by with a little help from my friends”


With a little help from your new friends at JJ Care, staying at home is possible. Our team of skilled and friendly support workers are able to pop in to assist with a range of duties, from light domestic duties and help with the washing, to help with showering and mobilising, or getting out for a spot of shopping. Best of all, they’re on hand for a chat, cuppa and to make sure you’re doing just fine. 


Nobody wants strangers in their home, that’s why when joining JJ Care, our experienced clinicians and expert community care coordinators will work with you to develop an individualised care plan, catering to your specific needs and preferences, to direct our team of care workers on how best to help you at home. We build a small team of support workers based on your needs and preferences, who will get to know you and become part of the family – so it won’t feel like there’s a stranger in your home.

Services We Offer:


Personal Care and Assistance with Daily Living


Domestic Assistance and House Cleaning


Meal Preparation


Respite & Temporary Care


Laundry Service


Check-in Visits & Medication Prompts




Emergency and Crisis Care


Day Program


Community Access and Outings


Home and Garden Maintenance


Palliative Care

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Equine Assisted



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Community Nursing

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